Join Free Battered Women in supporting the release of domestic violence survivors from state prison! Visit our ALERTS page to take action to support the release of survivors. 

Free Battered Women has partnered with Cars for Causes to help raise money to support our struggle to free imprisoned domestic violence survivors from prison.


Over 11,000 women are imprisoned in California's state prisons.

The majority have survived domestic violence.

Hundreds are serving life sentences after defending themselves and their children from abusive partners.

Others were forced by batterers to commit or confess to crimes.

Others are held responsible for their abusive partner’s violence against their children.

Many women never had the chance to tell the courts about how the abuse they survived related to the crimes with which they were charged.

Now they are spending years – sometimes decades or lifetimes – in prison.

Join the movement to free battered women from prison.

Note: Free Battered Women only works with domestic violence survivors incarcerated in California state prisons.  If you are looking for information about another state in the U.S. or are seeking assistance for a domestic violence survivor currently facing criminal charges, please contact the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women.


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